This website is maintained by Czifra & Neményi Law Office, (registered at the Budapest Bar Association), in accordance with the legislation and internal regulations applicable to attorneys, which are available along with information on the rights of clients at the Hungarian Bar Association’s official site.

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About us

The Czifra & Neményi Law Office started its activity in 2003 and has provided its services for one of the biggest law offices in Budapest (KPMG Partner).


Since April of 2005 the Czifra & Neményi Law Office has provided its services mostly as the partner of ABT Hungary Consulting Kft. (


The office considers the quick and effective solution of the legal questions of its clients very important, according to the needs of the client. With the cooperation of ABT Hungary Consulting Kft. a complex answer can be given to the legal problems at hand, which may relate to taxes, accounting or other specialized questions.


Our offices conduct their activities in German and in English as well.


Areas of Expertise


Cfra & Neményi Law Office


Head office:

H-1037 Budapest Montevideo utca 3/a.

Phone: +36-1-430-3400



Our second office:

H-1173 Budapest Cinkotai út 6.

Tel:+ 36 30 2790 770